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What is Kinesiology for Animals?

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I'm an Animal Kinesiologist writing about all things animals and energy. I am passionate about sharing insights into the energetic bond we share with our animals, and the valuable lessons they bring us.

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Animal guardians are increasingly seeking out more natural and holistic treatments for their animals. This movement towards complementary and alternative therapies is also coupled with an increasing curiosity about their pet’s health. It is normal to question choices like never before. With access to information at an all time high, it is now commonplace to question, research, and explore the ‘why?’ as well at ‘what else?’ that may be behind stress on the physical body and driving problem behaviours.

Why are the number of animals presenting with allergies increasing?

Why is reactivity an increasing problem with domestic dogs?

A modality called Kinesiology is emerging into the field of holistic healing for animals, due to it’s ability to combine energy medicine with the science of anatomy and the musculoskeletal system. Some may describe it as woo-adjacent, as it combines Eastern and Western healing principles.

So what exactly is Kinesiology for Animals?

Kinesiology for animals is a holistic and non-invasive approach to promoting the well-being of pets and other animals. Drawing inspiration from human kinesiology, this practice acknowledges the interconnectedness of an animal’s physical, emotional, and energetic systems. Practitioners use biofeedback (muscle testing techniques) to assess the animal’s response to various stimuli, identifying imbalances or blockages in their energy flow. Biofeedback is used to gather information about the body’s response to different emotions, past memories, energetic stress, physical tension, and environmental influences (including their humans!).

The primary goal of Animal Kinesiology is to enhance the animal’s overall health and address specific concerns, similar to their human counterpart. By evaluating biofeedback responses, kinesiologists can gain insights into the animal’s physical condition, emotions, and potential stressors. This information guides personalised interventions that may include physical adjustments, environmental changes, or specific energy balancing techniques.

Disruptions or imbalances in the body’s energy flow can lead to illness, tension and/or changes in behaviour.

For example, imbalances in the bladder meridian can have physical symptoms of stiffness and weakness in the lower back, and behavioural problems linked to fear, anxiety and stubbornness.

Animal Kinesiology is a powerful animal energy healing modality often employed as a complementary therapy alongside conventional veterinary care. It is utilised to support animals in managing physical discomfort, emotional stress, and behavioural issues. This holistic approach recognises the unique needs of each animal, fostering a harmonious balance between their physical and energetic well-being. Ultimately, kinesiology for animals strives to optimise their health by addressing imbalances and promoting a state of equilibrium across the various facets of their being.

Through this process, Animal Kinesiology aims to uncover the root causes of physical or emotional challenges, allowing for personalised and targeted energy correction techniques. Kinesiology therefore, serves as a comprehensive tool for individuals seeking a holistic approach to their animal’s health that considers the intricate interplay between physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of well-being.

The principle of kinesiology is that the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself, and by identifying and addressing stressors and imbalances, the health and wellbeing of animals and their humans can be enhanced.

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I'm Claire.
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As an Animal Practitioner with over 20+ years experience, when I am not working with animals - I love to write about them!  Kinesiology gives a very unique perspective into the emotional experience of animals, and how trapped emotions affects both their behaviour and their physical wellbeing. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and lessons from the animals I work with. Enjoy!

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