Learn Kinesiology for Animals 

Learn Kinesiology for Animals 

Learn the principles of energetic Kinesiology for Animals. Kinesiology uses biofeedback to identify and release the energetic and emotional blockages responsible for behaviour problems and compromised physical wellbeing.

Animal Kinesiology - Online course


Learn the tools to tap into the emotions of animals like never before, gaining access to the core issue that is creating stress for the animal.

Piece by piece you will uncover their 'story' in a way that has never been possible until now.  You will be accessing information from their subconscious mind and nervous system, uncovering their deepest insecurities.

The future of medicine is 'energy medicine', and the origin of all physical issues, begins in the emotional body.

Have you ever wanted to know the real reason an animal is stressed?

You don't have to do it alone.

 Did you know that 70% of all problem behaviours stem from unresolved fears?

the solution is simple:

core issue

Identify the underlying fear or unresolved emotion that is creating stress. Remember, physical tension and problem behaviours are merely the symptoms!

The ripple effect

Identify all the areas of the body affected by the stress. Analyse all the ways it is impacting the animal, and YOU.

release & re-balance

Release the emotional stress for the animal, on an energetic, emotional and physical level ~ restoring natural balance and harmony.

The most comprehensive course in Kinesiology for Animals.
Changing the world of Animal Healing by combining the ancient wisdom of energy healing with Western medicine anatomy and neurology.

 kinesiology for animals
















so, tell me
 what's included in each module?:

How does this sound?

getting to grips with biofeedback and being introduced to different testing methods

the neurological affect of fear and it's impact on the body and behaviour

applying biofeedback for animals. Learn energy surrogacy, self-testing & proxy testing

accurately identifying the issue and the power of goal setting in energy healing

Learn the different levels of stress & the impact of trapped emotions

introduction to alarm points - the powerful biofeedback indicators of the body.

Learn how to age-regress an animal back to a significant age to clear trauma affecting the present.

Creating bespoke healing. You will be guided on how to select the best combination of energetic corrections to use on the animal. 

Learn to identify and correct imbalances in chakras. 

Learn to identify energy blockages in meridians, and apply several techniques to restore balance.

Let's get physical! Learn to identify imbalances in muscles that could be causing pain and physical tension.

Learn to complete a whole animal kinesiology balance and begin completing case studies to achieve your certificate of attainment.

You will be learning how to identify the emotional mirror that exists between the animal and their human. what lessons are there for the human?! 

introduction to kinesiology and learning pre-check techniques

Fully online content accessible anywhere, anytime to fully support your pace of learning.

14 online modules

All course content is included. This means all workbooks, reference materials and templates.

all inclusive

Life gets busy! We understand this, therefore you will have lifetime access to the course to work at your own pace. 

lifetime access

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's get  started!

Be able to use biofeedback competently to test for physical, emotional or energetic stress in animals.

Be able to identify the root cause of a behaviour problem or physical issue.

Determine the details of the emotional mirror that exists between an animal and their human.

Be able to balance chakras, meridians, and muscles to release trapped emotions and restore balance to the animal.

 Connect with animals energetically and be able to provide powerful and insightful healing.

 Work with animals in person or from a distance using remote healing techniques.

By the end of this course, you will...


I am a Specialist Animal Kinesiologist who is on a mission to support the emotional and physical healing of animals and their humans. I will teach you all of the tried and tested techniques that have proven results in helping support animals, to release emotional and energetic stress.

This course contains my life's work to date, and I can't wait to take you on this journey with me. Warning - some of the content is going to blow your mind and change your understanding of animals forever!

let's do this!

This Kinesiology for Animals course is one of a kind because...

you can heal animal and human - together!

This course contains a very special and unique element called 'Emotional Mirroring Technique'.  This technique enables you to identify which specific emotions are being mirrored between an animal and their human. 

When animals are exhibiting behaviour problems, their humans can become very stressed also.  By including the energy of the human in a kinesiology balance, this shared stress is acknowledged and addressed.

healing through connection, awareness and understanding

We attract animals into our lives who share a similar vibration to our own.  Often there will be similar emotional woundings; meridian stress; chakra imbalances, and limiting beliefs.

This vibrational match means we are able to understand our animals in a way no-one else can - because we are the same.  Kinesiology identifies these mirrored emotions, bringing a new understand and awareness of the bond we share with our animals, and that when we heal one, we heal both.

Study at your own pace

all course content included

online content available anywhere - globally

Follow a proven roadmap

"The Kinesiology for Animals online course is well conceived, organised and paced.

Claire is an enthusiastic instructor and made the course very enjoyable.  By following along I was able to learn and build on the concepts.  I'm already applying what I learned into my work with animals."

melissa, student

Try this course for 7 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

We are all about serving humans and their animals in the highest and best way possible, therefore if you feel that this course is not fully aligned with you, you can request a full refund. 

money back 


This      for you if:

you are an animal practitoner seeking to incorporate another modality

You are already a fully trained kinesiologist

YOu ARE an absolute who would love to support your own animals

YOU don't believe in taking a holistic approach

you are seeking to better understand and explore the animal-human bond

It's probably        for you if...

You don't like animals!



Let's do this thing.


Can I purchase it now, but start at a later date?

Absolutely! You have lifetime access to all of the lessons, including any updates, so you can join now and  start working through the course whenever you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never tried anything like this before. Is this for me?

I have designed and curated this course for the absolute beginner. Kinesiology does not require any previous experience of energy healing, as these techniques can be learned by anyone.  A desire to help and heal animals is the only pre-requisite you need - the course content will teach you everything else! 

Can I use these techniques on any animal species?

You sure can! Throughout this course I refer to dogs, cats and horses for the most part, but these techniques are completely transferrable to any species.  All animals require healing, and all species have knowledge to share with us humans.