I'm Claire, an Animal Kinesiologist who is on a mission to support the emotional and physical healing of animals and their humans.

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...that the answer to resolving behaviour problems did not lie in trying to 'train' a different emotional response.

The answer lay in finding a way to release the trapped and unresolved emotions from the past that continued to create stress for the animal in the present day.

I had no idea at the time... 

As as an animal behaviourist, I worked with 1000's of animals who held trauma so deeply, it was almost impossible to 'train' them to feel safe in the world.  It was heartbreaking to see their emotions impacting their overall health and vitality, by creating physical stress and tension.

In cases of rescue animals, often the source of their fears and insecurities was unknown, meaning their human caregivers often felt helpless and at a loss for a solution.

My story really began when I realised it wasn't always possible to change animal behaviour using training techniques alone.

I knew I could successfully apply these techniques to my work with animals, and that this was indeed a game-changer in resolving their behaviour problems and physical stress.

Emotions are simply vibrations that create a 'feeling' within the body.  When an animal locks in a memory, they also lock in the feeling attached to this memory.  A behavioural pattern can be changed by simply releasing the vibration of the feeling within the body, and therefore releasing the trauma.

Then I hit this Pivotal point when i was introduced to energy medicine in the form of kinesiology.


It means that as energetic beings, we are drawn to animals with a similar vibration to our own.  We share similar emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and even the same physical stress patterns.

Trust that your animal has found its way into your life because you are the one person who will understand them.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of help!

This creates a unique opportunity for shared healing and uncovers the powerful lessons our animals are here to teach us.

what the heck does that mean?

I realised that the animals I was working with, were a vibrational match for their human caregivers.

But then something really unexpected happened.....

Just so you know, I'm not into junk mail. But...I am obsessed with all things energy and animals. I would love to share some regular ideas with you, on how to connect with your animals on a deeper level.  

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The Mission

Elevating animals and their humans to a higher state of consciousness through deeper connection.

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Let me take you on a journey through the energy of separation anxiety in dogs, exploring chakras and core emotional woundings.

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Hey, Let's Be Friends!

Just so you know, I'm not into junk mail. But....I am obsessed with all things animals and energy. I'd love to share some regular ideas about how you can connect on a deeper level with your animal.

If this is your vibe too, then let's be Pen Pals!

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