animal kinesiology - energy therapy for animals

Animal Kinesiology

An Energy Therapy that unlocks the stress in your animal’s body that causes fear, anxiety and reactivity.

A holistic approach to restoring physical, emotional and energetic balance.

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What is Animal Kinesiology?

Animal Kinesiology is a form of Energy Healing. It has taken its origins from human Energetic Kinesiology and has combined with the science of animal anatomy and biochemistry, resulting in a powerful modality tailor made for animals.

Animal Kinesiology removes energetic blockages that create stress and imbalance in the body.

By removing stress from the animal’s nervous system, physical tension is reduces, as are the emotions that drive problem behaviours.



Animal Kinesiology is successful in treating the following:

  • Allergies.  Includes food and environmental allergens.
  • Itchy skin
  • Digestive problems
  • Aggression / reactivity
  • Anxiety/nervous disorders
  • Hyperactivity
  • Pain
  • Recovery from emotional trauma.



What We Do

private sessions

We work with animals and their humans on a one-to-one basis to resolve physical or emotional issues. In-person and distance sessions available.

online courses

We are passionate about maximising our impact, and by teaching our skills we can change the world for more animals.


We write articles for magazines and share regular blogs to advocate for a better animal to human bond.


We hold regular workshops and webinars to teach our skills and empower humans to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of their animals. 

your animal is your emotional mirror

The Human & Animal Connection

At Animal Energy Therapies we recognise the strong connection people have with their animals. Our animals connect with us on a deeply emotional and energetic level, therefore our stress can affect them greatly.

We acknowledge that our animals act like emotional mirrors of their owners, and that it is important to treat both in order to clear any issues as the deepest level.



Working with animal and owner together provides an insight into any recurring patterns holding both back.

Have you ever noticed that anxious dogs often have anxious owners?

Changing the behaviour of your animal requires change from within.

What lesson is your animal here to teach you?


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    Claire Oats

    Claire Oats is an Animal Behaviourist and Specialist Kinesiologist.  As the founder of Animal Energy Therapies, Claire has pioneered the field of Animal  Kinesiology and now works with clients and students from around the globe. 

    As a behaviourist, Claire helped thousands of animals overcome problem behaviours through positive reinforcement and conditioning. Her results, although impressive, gained a huge leap forward when kinesiology techniques were introduced to the sessions, allowing the emotions of the owner and well as the animal to be released.

    The techniques taught by Claire have been adapted, fine-tuned, and integrated into a unique approach that covers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in working with animals.

    Claire’s mission is to bring this amazing modality to a wider audience in an accessible format, to impact the lives of as many animals as possible.

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