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Kinesiology, is an energy healing modality that gets right to the root-cause of the problem by identifying and releasing trapped emotions.

Throw out everything you thought you knew about your animal's behaviour, and let's uncover their REAL story.

Balancing the emotions of your animal improves their health and wellbeing, naturally.

If you're looking to understand your animal better, you're in the right place. 

Using kinesiology techniques to balance the energy of an animal on a physical, emotional and energetic level, to resolve behaviour problems and restore health and wellbeing.

As an Animal Kinesiologist, I combine 20+ years of experience as an animal behaviourist, energetic kinesiologist, and bodywork practitioner, to deliver a unique animal energy healing modality.

I work with animals (and their humans!) all over the world, sharing this powerful modality in on-to-one sessions and through my online teaching offerings. 


I would love to help you and your animal! 

I offer individual, bespoke sessions, focusing on resolving trapped emotions that are affecting behaviour, and creating physical stress.

If you're not sure of the best option, simply get in touch and we discuss the best next step.


I do things a bit differently around here.

Not only do I quickly get to the source of the problem, I also incorporate age regression, which is essentially Timeline Therapy for animals. This helps to identify where and when the problem began for your animal, and the ways is which it compounds the problem in the present time (super important step for rescue animals - background unknown). 

Once energetic balance has been restored, I also include behavioural and training advice specific to your animal,  making sure you have the tools you need to support your animal maintain emotional balance.

Finally, I explore with you (their human), the ways in which the energetic imbalance could be an emotional mirror for you.  We talk limiting beliefs; recurring patterns; fixed points of views, and compounding stress that is mirrored between you and your animal.

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Using Kinesiology with animals was the absolute game-changer when it came to releasing fears and tension that were the cause of changes in behaviour and dis-ease.

I have specially curated online courses for the absolute beginner, covering all of the most powerful kinesiology techniques for use on animals.  

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- Liv undhjem, client

“Working with Claire has profoundly changed our lives. She  is truly one of a kind!”

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If you're ready to take the next step, or would like to discuss the ways in which I can help your animal, get in touch using the link below.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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Decoding Animal Chakras

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Discover how Chakra imbalances could be creating physical symptoms and behaviour changes in your animal.

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