Restoring Emotional & Physical

By understanding the vital connection between emotional and physical wellbeing, an Animal Kinesiology consultation encompasses an integrative approach to resolve the many layers of stress.   

Restoring Emotional & Physical 

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animal behaviour

Animal Behaviourist and Trainer with 20+ years experience of resolving behaviour problems.

body-work practitioner

Qualified Animal Bowen Therapist & Emmett Technique Practitioner.

animal kinesiology

Specialised Animal Kinesiologist with 10+ years of clinic experience with animals.

By unlocking each of the symptoms your animals presents with, I get to the REAL trapped emotion and energetic imbalance causing the problem for your animal.

I use a biofeedback technique to tap into the animal's nervous system, enabling me to identify and resolve emotional and energetic imbalances compounding the issue.

Remember, your animal is not showing you the problem they have, they are showing you their solution to the problem.

Identify the Core Issue

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Animal Kinesiology is an energetic modality, and therefore I include you (the animal caregiver) in each consultation alongside your animal.

Did you know that you attract an animal into your life with a similar vibration to yourself?

Do you sometimes worry that your animal picks up on your stress?

As we explore the energetic patterns you mirror between you and your animal, I can facilitate healing at a deep level, restoring balance for you both.

The Mirror Effect

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Once the core imbalance has been identified, and the stress pattern within the body isolated, I then release the trapped emotions and restore energetic balance.

I do this by correcting neurological circuits, meridians, acupressure points, chakras, muscles and so much more.

Each animal requires a unique correction, and having so many tools and techniques available ensures balance is achieved in the most affects way possible, achieving the best result.

Restoring Balance


All Animal Kinesiology consultations are ONLINE.

This means that no matter where you are in the world, your animal can benefit from a consultation!

If you would love to know more about the online consultations and how they work, simply get in touch using the button below.

ONLINE Consultations

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She truly listens, cares, and has a deep curiosity about your animal, and she combines these qualities into an excellent session, bridging the gap between the person and the animal.

In only two sessions with my dog I saw the difference. She is far less reactive with other dogs and cats. This was unthinkable before!

"Claire is absolutely amazing, and working with her is a breath of fresh air."

Haley & Willa


I do things a bit differently around here.

Not only do I quickly get to the source of the problem, I also incorporate age regression, which is essentially Timeline Therapy for animals. This helps to identify where and when the problem began for your animal, and the ways is which it compounds the problem in the present time (super important step for rescue animals - background unknown). 

Once energetic balance has been restored, I also include behavioural and training advice specific to your animal,  making sure you have the tools you need to support your animal maintain emotional balance.

Finally, I explore with you (their human), the ways in which the energetic imbalance could be an emotional mirror for you.  We talk limiting beliefs; recurring patterns; fixed points of views, and compounding stress that is mirrored between you and your animal.

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I'd love to hear from you. Tell me a bit about the problem you are having with your animal, and I will personally respond with a plan of how I would structure a consultation, specifically to meet the needs of your animal. 

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