You’ll never guess the real reason this dog didn’t come into season!

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Did you know that dogs often take on their owners emotional and physical issues?

If your dog has a behavioural or physical problem that you can’t quite get to the bottom of, have you considered that your dog may be mirroring an issue belonging to you? This case study demonstrates how Animal Energy Therapies works with both dog and owner to overcome problems. It should also be noted that these sessions were carried out via remote connection as this dog lives on the opposite side of Australia to where we are physically located.

Emma contacted me to help with her 18 month old female Australian Shepherd ‘Frankie’.  Emma was concerned as Frankie had not had her first season yet.  Normally females will come into season between seven and nine months of age, and then every six months thereafter. Emma was concerned that something may be wrong with Frankie’s hormonal system. In addition, she had also noticed that Frankie had become a bit anxious when out on walks recently, and was concerned she may be stressed.

The first session uncovered some stress on Frankie’s hormonal system, but the root of the stress was showing as ’emotional’.  Kinesiology not only locates stress, it also identifies the stress as being either; physical, biochemical, emotional or energetic (blocked meridian or chakra). Frankie’s initial stress, though emotional, was affecting her neurologically and involved her ‘drive’.  This can relate to both prey drive, drive to succeed and also drive to reproduce. This was creating emotional stress for Frankie which was affecting the release of hormones. As I cleared all of this stress I tapped into Emma’s energy to see if there was any stress being transferred from herself to Frankie. Muscle testing indicated that this was indeed the case.  Emma’s stress was also emotional stress and was identified in the following statement:

I can be overly influenced by the ideals which I or others have created, but which do not necessarily fit my inner nature.  I need to clearly discern my unique soul purpose.

The second session was focussed on this issue for Emma as I was certain this was the root cause of Frankie’s issues also.

The session uncovered that Emma had bought Frankie from a breeder under contract which meant that the breeder retained the option to use Frankie to produce a litter for her breeding program, which she intended to do.  Whilst the breeder was not putting pressure on Emma to breed Frankie to immediately, Emma’s inherent need to please others and fulfil the ideals she felt had been created, had resulted in her placing tremendous pressure on herself to fulfil her side of the deal.  As you can imagine, Frankie’s delayed season was becoming a real stress for her.

The 1000’s of dogs I have worked with have taught me that the dog will always mirror their owners emotions.  I therefore asked Emma if she herself had any hormonal problems. It turns out that in recent months Emma had struggled with unbalanced hormones and irregular menstruation. Together we discussed other areas of her life where she felt pressured or overly influenced by others.  Emma’s husband was keen to start a family, whilst Emma felt it best to wait as she had just begun a new career as a teacher, a role she was extremely excited about. Ever the people pleaser, she felt the expectations of her husband and extended

family as an immense pressure. Whilst she had skipped around the issue, she had yet to express her feeling that the time was not quite right for her to start a family.

Suddenly it all began to make perfect sense! The connection between Emma and Frankie was so strong that they had both attracted the same situation into their lives i.e. feeling pressured to reproduce. As this did not align with their own desires, the emotional stress around this issue had created a very real and physical response that was disrupting their hormonal balance.

An additional dimension to this shared issue comes in the form on Emma’s previous dog ‘Lyric’.  Lyric was also an Australian Shepherd, who at the age of two, had become pregnant.  A few weeks into her gestation, Lyric was out on a walk with Emma and was running around having fun. Tragically, Lyric jumped over a fallen tree and impaled herself on a sharp branch.  She died at the vets.  Frankie was born 10 days later and Emma immediately felt a connection to her and knew she was meant to be part of their family. Frankie displays a lot of Lyric’s personality traits as if their energy became entangled.

Throughout the session with Emma I worked to cleared her stress created by her tendency to be overly influenced by the ideals and views of others. I advised her to speak her truth and discuss her apprehensions with her husband. As a result, Emma and her husband agreed to delay having children for a few years and Emma also released her self imposed pressure for Frankie to have a litter of puppies straight away. Having cleared the energy completely, Frankie came into season the very next day!


  1. Joanne Frame says:

    That’s a great case study Claire! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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I'm Claire.
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