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From a background in animal behaviour, I have also spent many years studying energy medicine in order to develop a unique and powerful approach to Animal Kinesiology.

I address problem behaviours and physical issues by identifying and releasing the core stress held within the body. Often this is unresolved emotion or trauma. This unique combination of techniques includes neurological rebalancing, which not only releases old behaviour patterns, but allows for feelings of ease, joy, calm, and reward to come to the forefront.

An Animal Kinesiology session is tailored specifically for your animal, with no two sessions being the same.

It is also important that I include you, their human, in these sessions in order to identify ways in which your animal may be mirroring emotions for you. It is the ultimate personal development journey with your animal as your guide!

There are four main components of an Animal Kinesiology session. These are outlined below.
unlocking the core


The first part of the session focuses on identifying the REAL reason behind the problem behaviour or physical condition. 

This may not be the reason you think! The emotional and physical body are so intertwined that a physical issue could actually be caused by emotional tension being held in the body.

Identifying the CORE issue restores wellbeing on many levels.

collecting the stress


Muscle testing allows me to communicate with your animal’s nervous system. Stress interrupts the signals within the nervous system that in turn create emotional or physical imbalances.

I identify the emotions impacting the nervous system, and locate where they are being held in the body. I identify muscles, organs, meridians and chakras that are affected.

This part of the session helps build the narrative as to what is going on for your animal. It is as if your animal is talking to me and sharing their experience. It is a very special, and sometimes emotional, part of the session.

reflecting emotions


Did you know that animals mirrors our emotions?

During a session I take a holistic approach, which means I include you, their human, in the session too. I identify the ways in which your animal may be mirroring something that is going on for you.

Not only does this clear stress and allow for healing at a deeper level, it is also the biggest indicator of why your animal has been brought into your life, and what you can learn from each other.

the realignment


I use a selection of energy balancing techniques to gently release all of the collected stress, allowing the animal’s body to rebalance and realign.

The intense emotions that drive unwanted behaviours are reduced allowing new, calmer behaviours to form.

Stress is removed from organs and muscles allowing for improved functionality and the reduction of physical symptoms.

Remote Healing.

My aim is to ensure every animal can benefit from Animal Kinesiology sessions, no matter where they are in the world.

I offer ‘remote healing’ session via live video link (where global time differenced permit).

I offer a video recording of your session when you are not available to attend a live call. These sessions work in exactly the same way as a live call, with the added benefit of you having a recording to refer back to as your animal starts to process and release the layers of stress.

$140 AUD
Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way Storm was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her.

Being fairly new to our house Storm would like to follow us everywhere and be on guard when the doors were opened to the garden. It came up in the session that Storm was feeling a bit unsure of where to put herself and feeling obligated, taking on responsibility from everyone else, which was definitely a mirror of how I was feeling.

After our session I felt so much calmer and more balanced and noticed how Storm relaxed more too.  She’s now happy to laze around on her own in the day and is so much more at ease which is amazing.

Storm had also previously injured her leg so Claire helped correct some of the physical after effects of that too. 

Leanne and Storm

Just amazing!!  I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically.  If you think your dog is acting somewhat differently, first look at yourself, because chances are they are caused by you, the owner.  

When I adopted a young dog who had been neglected and had a few issues, I didn’t know what to do when Jake had trouble accepting him. They really didn’t get along and Jake was aggressive and they often ended up fighting, so we all went again to see Claire.

Again, I was so impressed and learned about so many emotions that needed to be released from all of us.  After just one session they collapsed together and fell asleep.  Since then they have been best buddies and are inseparable. I was so, so impressed.

Thank you Claire!

Keiko, Jake and Hugo

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