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Flower Essences & Meridians for Animals
Learn energetic kinesiology techniques that can be used to treat behaviour problems, physical tension and restore emotional balance for animal and owner.


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use kinesiology to access emotional information about animals

Flower Essences & Meridians for Animals 

This course delivers a unique approach to unlocking the secret world of animal emotions using the properties of Flower Essences.

Accessing this information can resolve behaviour problems and remove stress from the physical body using the power of nature.

You will learn to muscle test, the tool used by kinesiologists to locate areas of stress in the body.  You will be taught to identify any energetic problems with meridians and organs, then identify the Flower Essence required to restore balance.






The content is delivered in easy to follow, step by step video tutorials and downloadable manuals. 

Lessons are self-paced with no time limit to complete the modules. Students are supported throughout via our student online forums.

Applying this technique to animals is completely unique to Animal Energy Therapies. Whether you want to work on your own animals; are an animal practitioner; or embarking on a new career with animals; this course give you unique tools to make a profound impact in the world of animal healing. 


The Healing Properties of Flower Essences

Flower Essences and natural plant remedies are becoming increasingly popular in treating animals with emotional problems.

Emotions are merely frequencies being emitted or absorbed by the animals body.  The properties of flower essences can clear the disruptive frequencies of negative emotions, and restore balance and calm.



Animals have an innate ability to self-heal, using plants and flowers to restore their wellbeing.  Often seen nibbling and chewing on plant matter, animals know what they need and just need to be given access to it. 

Animals today have limited access to different environments and plants, therefore using flower essences is the perfect, natural remedy to restore them to optimum health.






      Course Content

      In this course you will learn:

      • The Applied Kinesiology technique of muscle testing.
      • To identify emotional stress in an animal.
      • To use meridian energy to decipher the specific and detailed emotion causing problems for the animal.
      • To select the appropriate flower essence to clear the problem.
      • To clear the stress using a powerful Emotional Stress Diffusion technique combining the frequency of the flower essence.
      • To identify how the owner is affecting the animals behaviour and emotional state.



      Online Modules

      Module 1

      Learn the art of muscle testing – This is the main tool of kinesiologists. Using this skill of bio-feedback, learn how to use a ‘surrogate’ to test the energy of the animal on a third party e.g. the owner.

      module 2

      Meridian Stress. You will learn how to test the energy running through each meridian and identify which ones are under stress. 

      module 3

      Meridian stress and emotions. In this module you will learn how to identify which emotion is causing the problem with your animal, and which flower essence is required to release it.

      module 4

      Restoring Balance. You will learn how to perform an Emotional Stress Diffusion balance, putting the whole procedure into practice.

      course manual

      You will receive a course manual FREE. Learn how to access the powerful emotional information contained within the flower essence reference manual.

      student forum

      Access valuable additional information in the online student forum. Students are invited to share their learnings, case studies, and questions. We all learn together and can access insights and tips in addition to the course modules – an added benefit!

      Student Inclusions

      online community

      Full access to our exclusive student online forum where you can ask questions, engage in discussions and share your learnings of other students.

      lifetime membership

      Lifetime membership to the online student learning portal to access your course content anytime, anywhere. We continually strive to improve our courses therefore you will have access to all new techniques and updates as they are introduced.

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      Tutor access

      Our course tutors are available to answer your questions and give tips and advise each step the way as you proceed through the course. You can reach out to the tutors in the student forum or via email.



      • 4 Modules of content packed with powerful techniques and skills.

      • Manuals, workbooks and tutorial videos.

      • Full access to the online community.

      • Self-paced study with lifetime access to the course content.

      • Ongoing personal support from our tutors.



      Meet Your Instructor..

      Claire Oats is an Animal Behaviourist and Specialist Kinesiologist.  As the founder of Animal Energy Therapies, Claire has pioneered the field of Animal  Kinesiology and now works with clients and students from around the globe. 

      As a behaviourist, Claire helped thousands of animals overcome problem behaviours through positive reinforcement and conditioning. Her results, although impressive, gained a huge leap forward when kinesiology techniques were introduced to the sessions, allowing the emotions of the owner and well as the animal to be released.

      The techniques taught by Claire have been adapted, fine-tuned, and integrated into a unique protocol that covers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in working with animals.

      Claire’s mission is to bring this amazing modality to a wider audience in an accessible format, to impact the lives of as many animals as possible.

      What our students are saying….

      I have loved this course! I am a bodywork practitioner and have seen huge improvements with my animal clients since incorporating kinesiology. My clients are blown away at the emotional information I can pick up on, often saying it is ‘so spooky!’. Highly recommend this course for any animal lover.

      Have just finished the modules and feeling really excited with what I have learnt. Just wanted to express my appreciation to Claire for creating such an amazing modality, I’m super excited about getting my head around it more intuitively/naturally and being able to help many dogs and other animals (and it will fit in seamlessly with what I already do).

      Just amazing!!  I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically.  If you think your dog is acting somewhat differently, first look at yourself, because chances are they are caused by you, the owner. 

      Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way my dog was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her.