Do You Believe Your Animal Chose You?

I'm Claire!

I'm an Animal Kinesiologist writing about all things animals and energy. I am passionate about sharing insights into the energetic bond we share with our animals, and the valuable lessons they bring us.

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Do you believe your animal chose you?
I love to hear the stories of how my clients have welcomed their animal into their family. I often hear how people have known instantly their animal was meant to be with them. Some puppies will just settle into their chosen human’s lap on the first visit, and some horses have a way of just connecting with their humans, even when they are not expecting it – or often even looking for a horse!
My point is, if you believe your animal chose you, then there must have been a reason for this. There must have been a point to them choosing you. Perhaps they are here to teach you something?
It is my belief that when animals consciously choose us, or us them, it is because they have something to teach us. They will also, of course, have something to learn from us in return.
In order for us to be able to learn anything, we must first overcome resistance to learning. There is always stress involved in learning something new, however small, and in overcoming that resistance we can reach new levels of understanding and conscious reasoning.
If your animal is here to teach you something, then often that resistance presents itself in the form of a problem behaviour e.g. fear, anxiety or aggression. If we didn’t have to face the resistance involved in overcoming this problem, we would never learn anything new. We would never be aware of how we ‘feel’ when our animal behaves this way, and we wouldn’t have an awareness of what needs to change.
Viewing stress and resistance as an opportunity to learn can immediately change how you view a situation. Frustration is just another way of defining resistance, and therefore the more frustration, the bigger the lesson.
The problem of course with learning lessons, is that if you ignore them and go into a state of avoidance, your animal will step it up and present the behaviour again and again until there is so much resistance in avoiding the lesson, that simply taking a step towards learning from it releases the stress.
At Animal Energy Therapies we identify this lesson for you. We illustrate how the resistance is showing up in your life and the relationship you have with your animal. We work to remove the resistance and move you into a space of learning, resolution and increased connection with your animal. ????



Animal Kinesiologist, Animal behaviourist, bodywork practitioner 

I'm Claire.
Animal Kinesiologist + Animal Lover

As an Animal Practitioner with over 20+ years experience, when I am not working with animals - I love to write about them!  Kinesiology gives a very unique perspective into the emotional experience of animals, and how trapped emotions affects both their behaviour and their physical wellbeing. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and lessons from the animals I work with. Enjoy!

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