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Animal Kinesiology

Learn energetic kinesiology techniques that can be used to treat behaviour problems, physical tension and restore emotional balance for animal and owner.

the modality changing the world one animal at a time

Animal Kinesiology – Online Learning

This training is brought to you by ANIMAL ENERGY THERAPIES, with the content created by its founder, Claire Oats BSc (Hons), Dip Kinesiology.

This course has been designed to teach the fundamentals of Animal Kinesiology using an online learning platform accessible anytime, anywhere..

The content is delivered in easy to follow, step by step video tutorials and downloadable manuals.

Lessons are self-paced with no time limit to complete the modules. Students are supported throughout via our student online forums.

Animal Kinesiology combines Eastern medicine with Western anatomy knowledge, restoring physical and emotional balance to animals.  Encompassing a series of gentle yet effective techniques, kinesiology can relieve pain, stress, and address the root cause of behaviour problems. This is the only course of its kind and for the first time animals can now experience the amazing results humans have enjoyed with kinesiology for many years.

Whether your intention is to support your own animals; begin a new career; or add to your ‘toolkit’ if you are already an animal practitioner – this is the course for you!

Animal kinesiology teaches you to open a direct line of bio-communication between you and the animal, uncovering information never accessible before.

Animal Kinesiology now leads the way in resolving physical and emotional problems for animals using a fully holistic approach.


Make an Impact with Animal Kinesiology

Animal Kinesiology has helped thousands of animals overcome behaviour problems and physical ailments.

We follow the premise that all physical problems that create pain and tension in the body, stem from unprocessed emotions. For example, anxious dogs tend to have pain in their hips and lower back as this is the area that becomes tense over time when anxiety is unmanaged. We teach you to become a bio-detective and uncover these unprocessed emotions!

Animal Kinesiology addresses the core emotion the animal is struggling, causing behaviour and physical tension as a result. Finally, we teach you to clear all three together, transforming the life of the animal!

No other modality provides the truly holistic approach that is changing the face of animal healing.





Animal Kinesiology is highly effective when used on the following conditions / issues:




your animal is your emotional mirror

Healing Animal and Owner… Together

This is one of the key reasons Animal Kinesiology achieves great results.


No other modality works on both the animal AND their owner at the same time.  Our animals are SO connected to us that they pick up on our emotions and react to our stress as if it was their own.  In order to change the emotions of the animal, we have to identify and work on the emotions of the owner that may be contributing to the problem.

Learning how YOU may be affecting your animal facilitates the opportunity for huge personal development – courtesy of your very own animal.

Course Content

Module 1

Learn the art of muscle testing – This is the main tool of kinesiologists. Using this skill of bio-feedback, you will use it to identify and locate emotional and physical stress in your animal.

module 2

Learn how stress from negative emotions has impacted your animal. The blockages may be on a physical, biochemical or energetic level. You will learn to pinpoint the emotion causing the problem.

module 3

Age Regression. Learn this mind blowing technique to age regress animals to identify the exact time the issue began and what caused it. This is the game changer in treating rescue animals with an unknown background as it allows you to turn back the clock and release the unprocessed emotion.

module 4

Learn powerful correction techniques. These techniques can be used on both humans and animals. These tools will remove emotional stress and restore balance. Includes: Clearing acupressure points; balancing meridians and chakras; directing energy, and a powerful stress diffusion technique.

module 5

Learn to construct a full kinesiology session unique to each animal you work with. Integrate all your learnings into one session. You will also learn to incorporate kinesiology into any other modalities or skills you have if you are already an animal practitioner.

student forum

Access valuable additional information in the online student forum. Students are invited to share their learnings, case studies and questions. We all learn together and can access insights and tips in addition to the course modules – an added benefit!

Meet Claire Oats

Your Course Instructor

Claire Oats is an Animal Behaviourist and Specialist Kinesiologist.  As the founder of Animal Energy Therapies, Claire has pioneered the field of Animal  Kinesiology and now works with clients and students from around the globe. 

As a behaviourist, Claire helped thousands of animals overcome problem behaviours through positive reinforcement and conditioning. Her results, although impressive, gained a huge leap forward when kinesiology techniques were introduced to the sessions, allowing the emotions of the owner and well as the animal to be released.

The techniques taught by Claire have been adapted, fine-tuned, and integrated into a unique protocol that covers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in working with animals.

Claire’s mission is to bring this amazing modality to a wider audience in an accessible format, to impact the lives of as many animals as possible.

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  • 5 Modules of Animal Kinesiology training.

  • Manuals, workbooks and tutorial videos.

  • Full access to the online community.

  • Self-paced study with lifetime access to the course content.

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What our students are saying….

I have loved this course! I am a bodywork practitioner and have seen huge improvements with my animal clients since incorporating kinesiology. My clients are blown away at the emotional information I can pick up on, often saying it is ‘so spooky!’. Highly recommend this course for any animal lover.

Have just finished module 5 and feeling really excited with what I have learnt. Just wanted to express my appreciation to Claire for creating such an amazing modality, I’m super excited about getting my head around it more intuitively/naturally and being able to help many dogs and other animals (and it will fit in seamlessly with what I already do).

Just amazing!!  I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically.  If you think your dog is acting somewhat differently, first look at yourself, because chances are they are caused by you, the owner. 

Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way my dog was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her.



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