The 5 elements are; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The theory of 5 elements follows the symbiosis between these elements in the natural world, and how they relate to the relationship that exists between the different organs and meridians of the body. Each organs corresponds to one of the elements based on the qualities it has. The organs relate to each other in a similar way to each of the 5 elements in nature and follows a general pattern. The basis of 5 element theory is therefore all about synergy and balance.

When any of the elements become unbalanced it impacts the body as a whole. Symptoms of an imbalance can be changes in behaviour such as aggression or anxiety, and on a physical level will include signs of dis-ease and inflammation.

This kinesiology balance will address any emotional or physical issues with your dog by balancing the 5 elements of the body.  Not only will balance be restored, you will also receive an explanation of how the elements were being expressed, pinpointing exactly what the core issue is.


Included in this session...

  • Determining the imbalances within each of the elements.
  • Gaining an understanding of how the imbalance is impacting your dog emotionally or physically.
  • An assessment of any imbalances within the owner may be affecting the dog.
  • Corrections using a variety of specialised kinesiology techniques to re-balance the 5 elements.
  • You will receive a written report detailing all the findings and work carries out during the session.

Animal Kinesiology uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and combines it with the science of the animal anatomy, muscle testing and behavioural techniques. Animal Energy Therapies has developed a unique treatment that covers all aspects of animal wellness, achieving a truly holistic approach.

Keiko & Jake. Perth, Australia

Just amazing!!  I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically.  If you think your dog is acting somewhat differently, first look at yourself, because chances are they are caused by you, the owner.  When I adopted a young dog who had been neglected and had a few issues, I didn't know what to do when Jake had trouble accepting him. They really didn't get along and Jake was aggressive and they often ended up fighting, so we all went back to see Claire. Again, I was so impressed and learned about so many emotions that needed to be released from all of us.  After just one session they collapsed together and fell asleep.  Since then they have been best buddies and are inseparable. I was so, so impressed. Thank you Claire!

If you have read any of Claire's other articles, you will know that the common principle in all of her work is that our dogs mirror our emotions. Just as we attract animals that have a similar emotional state to ourselves, we therefore also choose animals that have the same dominant element to us. As a practitioner, it is vitally important when treating any imbalances within the animal, whether that be physical or emotional (behavioural), that steps are taken to address the imbalance within the owner as well.

Understanding the expression of the elements within yourself and your dog allows a great insight into what makes you tick, understanding your triggers and identifying what emotional barriers you both have to overcome. Working with your dog in this way allows for massive personal growth for you, and improves to connection you have with your animal tenfold.

Leanne & Storm. Perth, Australia

Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way Storm was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her. Being fairly new to our house Storm would like to follow us everywhere and be on guard when the doors were opened to the garden.

It came up in the session that Storm was feeling a bit unsure of where to put herself and feeling obligated, taking on responsibility from everyone else, which was definitely a mirror of how I was feeling. After our session I felt so much calmer and more balanced and noticed how Storm relaxed more too.  She’s now happy to laze around on her own in the day and is so much more at ease which is amazing. Storm had also previously injured her leg so Claire helped correct some of the physical after effects of that too. 

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Claire is a Specialist Energetic Kinesiologist who has pioneered the field of Animal Kinesiology, working with thousands of animals across the world.  Claire's career with animals began as a trainer and behaviourist in Scotland, running a busy training school.  It was during these years that she began to notice the correlation between dog behaviour and that of the owners. Even at a physical level, dogs were continually observed as having the same physical imbalances as their owners.

In a bid to tap into this phenomenon, Claire began exploring Kinesiology as a way to treat both the the dog and the owner.  The results were astounding and as Claire furthered the modality by creating new protocols for working with animals, it has proven to be the game changer in dealing with problem behaviours.

Claire runs two busy practices in Perth, Western Australia and treats animals all around the world via remote connection. As demand for this unique modality has picked up pace, Claire is now on a mission to teach these skills animal owners to build their capacity to increase the wellbeing of themselves and their animals. Online courses are now available so you can learn these techniques for yourself!

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