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If you are ready to take the next step in solving any problems with your dog, then I have a small number of openings available for Animal Energy Therapy 1:1 sessions.  

These sessions get right to the core of the issue. I identify and remove areas of stress, including any emotional stress coming from you - the owner.

Simply tell me all about your dog and we can discuss treatments.


Your Animal Energy Therapy session includes:

  • Identifying the physical and emotional source of the stress causing the symptoms you describe.
  • Release stress from the muscles, meridians and areas of the brain involved in the issue.
  • Identify the emotional stress that may be transferring from the owner, highlighting any life lessons to be learned from the mutual relationship.
  • Rebalancing of the whole issue and advising on behavioural techniques where required.
  • Full written report on the findings from the session.

Spaces are limited due to the high demand for this expertise.

(if you're seeing this page, there are still some spots available)

Click below to book a session and tell me more about you and your dog.

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Restoring balance....naturally.

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