Animal Energy Therapies is a provider of holistic therapies for animals.

I work with animals who are constantly anxious or cowering, acting aggressively, or struggling to stay calm and become easily over excited.

By identifying the core reasons for these behaviour’s, I get these emotions back under control.

A lot of pet owners have experienced the stress and frustration of trying to deal with their pet’s behaviour and have not found the solution. This is why I work with both owner and pet to rebalance and calm the emotions, helping the them to understand each other and strengthen their bond and connection.

I work with animal and owner as often owners have found it stressful dealing with the problem and frustrated that they had not found a solution in the past. As a result, the owners learn so much about themselves through their animals, and the animal’s issues are overcome.

As a practitioner I combine animal behaviour techniques, detailed anatomy knowledge and Eastern energy medicine to provide a truly holistic approach to rebalancing your animal physically and emotionally.

I help owners understand the root cause of the problem and release the stress at a deep level.  My therapy calms the nervous system, clears old negative behaviour patterns and allows the animal to rebalance emotionally learning new, positive behaviours.

Do you want to know how I can help? Just drop me a message outlining your area of stress.




My Story

My name is Claire Oats. I have been a dog trainer and behaviourist for 20 years.  As a behaviourist I came across many dogs who were exhibiting symptoms of huge emotional stress such as aggression, anxiety and stress behaviours.  Using behavioural techniques alone often meant the core stress was merely disguised by teaching the dog an alternative behaviour.  The problem was the stress still remained within the dog.  This emotional stress built up over time and often resulted in physical issues such as autoimmune disease, allergies, muscle tension and injuries.

In 2009 I began seeking therapies that could help remove the emotional stress from the dog to help calm the nervous system enough to remove to behavioural problem, which was merely the symptom of a deeper problem.  I chose Kinesiology which included neurological techniques developed by Dr Charles Krebs, a leading neurologist and kinesiologist, which had been integrated with Eastern energy medicine. This has proved to an immensely powerful tool, especially when identifying a resolving the emotional stress.

I am also a qualified small animal Bowen Therapist and Canine Emmett Technique Practitioner.

In recent years I have developed a unique therapy called ‘Emotional Mirroring Therapy’. This therapy combines all my skills and is targeted at owners and their dogs who share the same emotional stress.  We develop such strong emotional connections with our dogs that they often absorb and mirror our emotional stress back at us, often in the form of a behavioural issue.  Fine out more about this exciting and enlightening therapy here.


I am passionate about helping people understand their dogs better and providing therapies to help restore both animal and owner to optimum emotional and physical health.




“After working with Claire I finally understood the main cause of my dogs aggression. I had never considered that the emotion I was holding onto could have been a factor in his reactivity towards other dogs. My dog and I loved our sessions together and I immediately felt lighter and calmer. After the first session I noticed my dog’s aggression had reduced by at least 50% and my husband commented on how I seemed calmer when other dogs approached. By the end of our sessions I had the dog of my dreams.”

Sue, Perth Australia


“Thank you Claire for showing me just how much our animals are here to teach us! I learned so much about myself and how my dog was reacting to my emotional blockages.”

Cynthia,   Adelaide  Australia


“My dog had been diagnosed with allergies, but medication was having limited affect. We were at a loss as to what to do next. We didn’t even know what she was actually allergic to. Claire got to the cause of the problem during the first session and explained how a trapped spinal nerve was causing the problem. After just three treatments she was off all medication and was completely symptom free.”

James, Perth Australia


“I live in the USA and therefore Claire worked on my dog using distance healing. I was flabbergasted with the detail of information Claire was able to pick up about both my dog and myself. I had suffered with anxiety for many years and had not been aware how my dog’s anxiety was feeding off of mine. Both of us are doing amazingly well now and we have strengthened our connection even more. Claire was the light at the end of our dark tunnel and I will be eternally grateful.”

Margaret, Boston USA

It is never too late to explore a new avenue of treatment!  I would love to hear more about the problem you are having with your animal.