animal kinesiology - energy therapy for animals

Animal Energy Therapies

Resolving behaviour problems and chronic physical ailments using Animal Kinesiology. Combining eastern energetic kinesiology with western anatomy knowledge to restore emotional and physical balance for animals and humans.


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Animal Kinesiology

Animal Kinesiology has taken it’s origins from Energetic Kinesiology and applied the science of animal anatomy and biochemistry to provide solutions for behaviour problems and physical ailments.

Our approach is simple. We use biofeedback from muscles to locate stress in the body that is causing changes in behaviour or physical wellbeing.



Animal Kinesiology is successful in treating the following:

  • Allergies.  Includes food and environmental allergens. 
  • Itchy skin
  • Digestive problems
  • Aggression / reactivity
  • Anxiety/nervous disorders
  • Hyperactivity
  • Pain
  • Recovery from emotional trauma.


your animal is your emotional mirror

The Human & Animal Connection

At Animal Energy Therapies we recognise the strong connection people have with their animals. Our animals connect with us on a deeply emotional and energetic level, therefore our stress can affect them greatly.

We acknowledge that our animals act like emotional mirrors of their owners, and that it is important to treat both in order to clear any issues as the deepest level.


Working with animal and owner together provides an insight into any recurring patterns holding both back.

Have you ever noticed that anxious dogs often have anxious owners?

Changing the behaviour of your animal requires change from within.

What lessons does your animal have to teach you?


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