Online Courses

One of the main goals at Animal Energy Therapies is to empower owners to look after their animals – holistically.

By giving you the tools to release stress from your animal you can prevent problem behaviours or physical issues developing.  If a problem already exists, then you can access the tools to clear the issue at it’s core.



This brand new course teaches a unique way to work with Flower Essences to identify the real emotion behind your animals stress.  This stress may be showing up as a behaviour problem. You will learn how to locate stress in meridians, and then use this to map very specific emotions. The curriculum also includes a powerful clearing technique, that when combined with the vibration of Flower Essences, can clear the stress completely.






Do you have a nervous dog?  Perhaps your dog is anxious around other dogs or is scared of being left alone.  This short course not only addresses your dog's anxiety, but also explores how your emotions may be involved in the issue.  Are you an anxious person?  Does your dog's behaviour cause you anxiety?

Absolutely anyone can learn the techniques to overcome anxious behaviours.  Got on - your dog will thank you for it!


This course teaches you how to identify areas of stress within your animals body that may be causing changes in behaviour or physical issues.  You will learn to release this stress on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

It is an essential course for anyone wishing to restore balance to their animal - naturally.