One of the main goals of Animal Energy Therapies is to empower owners to look after their animals – holistically.

These courses have been specifically designed to make learning easy for EVERYONE. You can learn the techniques to identify the emotions causing the problem behaviours in your animal and releasing them.

You can learn how to release stress from specific body organs that may be causing disease and physical issues.

With easy to follow video tutorials and workbooks, these skills can be easily learned by anyone, regardless of your level of experience in complementary therapies.


Do you have a nervous dog?  Perhaps your dog is anxious around other dogs or is scared of being left alone.  This short course not only addresses your dog's anxiety, but also explores how your emotions may be involved in the issue.  Are you an anxious person?  Does your dog's behaviour cause you anxiety?

Absolutely anyone can learn the techniques to overcome anxious behaviours.  Got on - your dog will thank you for it!




This course teaches you how to identify areas of stress within your animals body that may be causing changes in behaviour or physical issues.  You will learn to release this stress on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

It is an essential course for anyone wishing to restore balance to their animal - naturally.





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