A Program To Help Nervous Dogs Overcome Their Anxiety

This is an online course where you will learn the 'real' reason your dog is nervous, and then step by step, learn the techniques to fix it.

Does your dog have any of the following problems?......

  • Anxious or fearful of other dogs or people.
  • Stressed when left alone.
  • Scared of loud noises or thunder storms.
  • Aggressive or reactive around other dogs due to being attacked previously.

We restore the confidence in dogs by releasing the stress from both the dog AND the owner.

Hey there!

Hey there!

Having a dog with fear or anxiety problems can be just heartbreaking.  It doesn't need to be that way though....

Learn to be the stable energy in your dogs world so they have nothing to be fearful of.

So what is in the Toolkit?

Living with a dog with behaviour problems can be really challenging.  Knowing the problem stems from a fear or insecurity can leave you feeling frustrated, helpless and at a loss over what to do next.  Often, dogs can be so distressed by certain situations that no matter how hard you try, you just can't get through to them.  Communication breaks down.....and your stress levels rise...


"My dog was attacked by another dog and now get's really stressed when dogs come up to us.  I get so anxious about it happening again."

I know what you’re thinking, I've tried dog training and worked with a behaviour expert.  This is a great start, but what if your anxiety or stress around this problem is also affecting your dogs behaviour. Here is an example:

If your dog was attacked by another dog, this will have affected you badly on an emotional level.  You will be apprehensive of strange dogs approaching, and if your dog is now a bit aggressive itself because of this incident, you may be constantly anxious about how it will react!  In cases like this, your dog picks up on your anxiety, making the situation far worse.  This is a problem that no amount of dog training can fix!

"My dog gets so upset everytime I leave the house.  This stresses me out as I have to go to work!"

Who Is Claire Oats?

Claire Oats is the founder of Animal Energy Therapies.

Claire is a Specialist Energetic Kinesiologist who has pioneered the field of Animal Kinesiology, working with thousands of animals across the world.  Claire's career with animals began as a trainer and behaviourist in Scotland, running a busy training school.  It was during these years that she began to notice the correlation between dog behaviour and that of the owners. Even at a physical level, dogs were continually observed as having the same physical imbalances as their owners.

In a bid to tap into this phenomenon, Claire began exploring Kinesiology as a way to treat both the the dog and the owner.  The results were astounding and as Claire furthered the modality by creating new protocols for working with animals, it has proved to the game changer in dealing with problem behaviours. Bowen Therapy and the Emmett technique were later added to the treatments to address physical issues.

Claire runs two busy practices in Perth, Western Australia and treats animals all around the world via remote connection. As demand for this unique modality has picked up pace, Claire is now on a mission to teach these skills animal owners to build their capacity to increase the wellbeing of themselves and their animals.

So what will you get out of the Toolkit?

  • Learn how to easily identify whats really going on for your dog when they're behaving 'badly'.
  • Insider techniques - you'll learn the secrets of how we create such profound changes in the clinic and how YOU can do that for your own dog from home.
  • Identify how your emotions may be a factor in your dogs behaviour.
  • Use these techniques to release stress for you too, leaving both you and your dog super happy and relaxed!

This program has been carefully laid out with step by step guides on how to get to core issue behind your dogs behaviour.  Each module has a workbook and a series of tutorial videos clearly demonstrating the techniques that can be learned by absolutely anyone - even the absolute beginner!

Here is what our clients have to say....

Just amazing!!  I had a double session with myself and my dog Jake. I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically.  If you think your dog is acting somewhat differently, first look at yourself, because chances are they are caused by you, the owner.  When I adopted a young dog who had been neglected and had a few issues, I didn't know what to do when Jake had trouble accepting him. They really didn't get along and Jake was aggressive and they often ended up fighting, so we all went back to see Claire. Again, I was so impressed and learned about so many emotions that needed to be released from all of us.  After just one session they collapsed together and fell asleep.  Since then they have been best buddies and are inseparable. I was so, so impressed. Thank you Claire!

Keiko. Perth, Australia

Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way Storm was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her. Being fairly new to our house Storm would like to follow us everywhere and be on guard when the doors were opened to the garden. It came up in the session that Storm was feeling a bit unsure of where to put herself and feeling obligated, taking on responsibility from everyone else, which was definitely a mirror of how I was feeling; unsure of my purpose, lacking direction and feeling like I had to put everyone else first. After our session I felt so much calmer and more balanced and noticed how Storm relaxed more too. I’ve also been working on getting some clear direction and purpose with what I’m doing which has helped us both. She’s now happy to laze around on her own in the day and is so much more at ease which is amazing. Storm had also previously injured her leg so Claire helped correct some of the physical after effects of that too. Working with you has been amazing Claire, thank you!

Leanne, Perth

What Makes This Toolkit Different?

This toolkit contains kinesiology techniques to be used on both you AND your dog.  This unique approach takes into account your stress and anxiety and that of your dog - treating you both as a team.  We recognise that you need to be the stable energy in your dogs life in order to help it overcome the issue.

This approach has been the game-changer in overcoming emotional problems that have previous seen dogs act fearfully or aggressively.

What's Included?

Are you ready to be the change in your dogs life?

Your Investment In You

At Animal Energy Therapies we are SO passionate about helping animals and their owners overcome stress and anxiety, that we want to offer this toolkit at a ridiculously low price to make sure we reach as many people as possible.  The tools within the toolkit can be applied to all areas of your life, having a ripple effect on your emotional wellbeing.

The thing that excites us most about doing energy work with your dog is seeing how quickly the bond deepens, more than you could ever imagine. You arrive at new place of understanding and begin communicating on a whole new level.  We would love to help guide you on this journey and fix your dogs behaviour problem - once and for all!

Low Cost

One Off Payment

$97    $47 AUD

  • 5 Online Modules
  • Instruction workbooks
  • Tutorial videos
  • Student Facebook page access
  • Supportive online community
  • Early Bird Discounts

Calm dogs need calm owners.

So Excited To See You There!

Claire xx