What Issues Benefit From Animal Kinesiology




  • Behaviour problems such as fear, anxiety, aggression and obsessive behaviours. Perhaps your dog is aggressive with other dogs, fears other dogs or, is scared of thunder storms.  Perhaps your horse doesn’t like being saddled or being loaded into a horse float.  Perhaps your cat doesn’t like being handled or has issues with another animal within the household.


  • Allergies and auto immune disorders. Does your animal have itchy skin, a food intolerance or grass allergy? Does your animal have arthritis, irritable bowel disease (IBD) or Addison’s disease? We correct the immune system to stop the body attacking itself, rather than control the symptoms through medication.
  • Problems with balance, movement or muscle tension. This may be the result of injury or post surgery rehabilitation.  Kinesiology re-balances muscles and ensures any stress is released, allowing muscle groups to work well together.

What Does an Animal Kinesiology Session Involve?

The core issue is identified. This may be a physical, biochemical, emotional, or energetic issue that is causing problem behaviours or physical issues.

We work to correct the core issue as well as all the residual stress it has left throughout the body.  It is not uncommon for one issue such as ‘fear’ to have affected the immune system, the skin and the lungs as the effects have spread throughout the body.

Taking a holistic approach means we identify any other factors that are contributing to the problem, such as environmental triggers or stress from the owners.

We return the body back to balance, eliminating problem behaviours and restoring functionality to the organs and body systems.


Our Sessions Include YOU too!


Why is it so important to include you, the owner, in our sessions?  Well, we are so connected to our animals both emotionally and energetically, that they will act as a mirror of our own emotions.

What does this mean?

Well, it is a known fact that nervous and anxious people are more likely to have nervous and anxious animals.  This is just one way that our animals pick up on our emotions and start responding to the world in the same way we do.  For example, some people have trouble with emotional boundaries and can close themselves off from people as a way of protecting themselves.  In cases like this it is very common for dogs belonging to these people to guard their physical boundaries e.g. barking excessively when people pass the property. These dogs mirror their owners need to protect themselves, but they do it in the only way they know how, and that is to protect the physical boundaries.

The Game-Changer!

Providing a completely holistic service, which includes every factor affecting an animals behaviour, stress or dis-ease has been the game-changer.  Our results speak for themselves!

Whilst training and behavioural techniques are important in dealing with problems, it is vital to consider how YOU are affecting the situation.

If your dog is reactive around other dogs, the underlying emotion will be fear and insecurity.  If you begin to feel anxious and on edge when you see a dog approaching then your dog will pick up on that emotion and the behaviour will intensify in response.  In order to fix the problem we need to work on your reaction as well as your dogs!

This unique approach is the what makes our sessions so powerful.

I brought my dog to see Claire for a number of reasons. Whenever we had kids visit the house, she would show signs of aggression and anxiety which was scary for the kids.

Whenever we would go to the dog park, my dog was nervous and anti social. Claire worked through a number of things with us in our first and second session and I discovered my dog was a mirror image of where I was emotionally.

After each session she builds confidence and is really becoming a more social and peaceful dog.

Emma, Perth WA

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