Energy Therapies

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring techniques to identify areas of stress within the body.  By testing muscle responses, a kinesiologist will identify stresses interrupting the body’s central nervous system.  This is often likened to the analogy of locating a short circuit in a house’s electrical wiring circuit.  The nervous system relays messages through electrical nerve impulses, therefore any stress will be picked up as a short circuit. The stresses held within the body can be either physical, emotional, energetic or biochemical.

Kinesiology combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with western medicine knowledge of anatomy. In TCM each muscle of the body relates to both an organ and a meridian, therefore testing muscle responses can accurately determine the balance of specific organs and body systems.

Animal Kinesiology is effective as it bypasses the body’s conscious reasoning and can access stress held in the subconscious.  Emotional stress is often held as negative patterns, with the symptoms being undesirable behaviours.  If the animal continues to hold onto emotional stress, over time the body struggles to maintain a biochemical equilibrium and physical symptoms begin to develop.

Animal Kinesiology balances are available in person at our clinic in Perth, Western Australia, or by distance healing using hair samples for surrogate muscle testing.  Contact us today to find out about distance work with your animal.

Cost:         $110 per 1 hr session.