Animal Kinesiology

A unique approach to solving behaviour problems, allergies, chronic pain, inflammation and dis-ease.


Eastern energy medicine meets the western knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry and behaviour modification.


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Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

Gentle muscle release techniques that improve mobility, reduce inflammation and ease pain. Perfect for older animals or to help with rehabilitation.

Animal Kinesiology is an alternative therapy that restores physical, emotional and energetic balance.


This therapy can help with:


  • Behaviour problems such as aggression and anxiety.
  • Digestive problems
  • Allergies
  • Physical pain/surgery rehabilitation
  • Emotional recovery from trauma such as dog attacks.


This therapy is unique in that we include you, the owner, in the sessions to determine if your animal is mirroring some of your emotions such as anxiety. Clearing any stressful emotions your animal may be picking up on can improve any physical and emotional problems they are having.


Animal Energy Therapies provides a holistic approach to animal behaviour problems and dis-ease using energetic kinesiology.

What if you could ask your animal directly what the problem was, and what it would take to overcome it?

This modality, for the first time, provides direct communication with your animal on an emotional and physical level. We can accurately pinpoint the REAL cause of the problem and track the effects of this stress through the body (the symptoms).

Better yet, we then actually clear the problem by re-mapping the neural pathways, essentially return your animal back to ‘factory settings’.

Working with Claire helped me understand how my emotions had a big impact on the way Storm was feeling and how my unconscious blocks were mirrored back to me through her.

After our session I felt so much calmer and more balanced and noticed how Storm relaxed more too. She’s now happy to laze around on her own in the day and is so much more at ease which is amazing. 

Leanne & 'Storm", Perth WA.

Just amazing!! I learned so much about how my energy was affecting my dog mentally and physically. When I adopted a young dog who had been neglected and had a few issues, I didn’t know what to do when Jake had trouble accepting him. They really didn’t get along and Jake was aggressive and they often ended up fighting, so we all went back to see Claire. Again, I was so impressed and learned about so many emotions that needed to be released from all of us. After just one session they collapsed together and fell asleep. Since then they have been best buddies and are inseparable. I was so, so impressed. Thank you Claire!
Keiko, 'Jake' and 'Hugo'

We have the missing link to solving your problem!


This is the game changer (and the reason for our phenomenal success rate!). We recognise that our animals are so connected to us emotionally and energetically, that they will ‘mirror’ us. If you are an anxious or nervous person, then your animal is more likely to be fearful in certain situations which will affect it’s behaviour.

We provide tailored session and work with both you and your animal TOGETHER.

Animal Kinesiology’s truely holistic approach does more than just address the symptom (the naughty behaviour), it identifies the source of the problem and works with ALL the factors contributing to the problem.

These sessions are accessible to everyone. If you are unable to attend our clinic in Perth, WA then contact us to find out how we can work on your animal remotely.

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