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Are you ready to make an EVEN BIGGER impact on you and your dog's emotional balance?  I have decided to open up my diary for clients enrolled on the 5 Day Program who really need my help on a 1-to-1 level. This will super-charge your results!  Click below to book a session with me!

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In our personal 1-to-1 session we will cover the following:

    • Identify the emotion your dog is mirroring back at you in their behaviour.
    • Analyse all the other areas of your life this emotional stress has shown up and identify the life lesson.
    • Identify where this stress has been held in the body on a physical, neurological, biochemical and energetic level.
    • Clearing of the stress at a deep level using Energetic Kinesiology Techniques.
    • Developing a plan to keep you and your dog on track moving forward.

    "Thank you Claire for showing me just how much our animals are here to teach us! I learned so much about myself and how my dog was reacting to my emotional blockages." 


    "I live in the USA and therefore Claire worked on my dog using distance healing. I was flabbergasted with the detail of information Claire was able to pick up about both my dog and myself. I had suffered with anxiety for many years and had not been aware how my dog's anxiety was feeding off of mine. Both of us are doing amazingly well now and we have strengthened our connection even more. Claire was the light at the end of our dark tunnel and I will be eternally grateful."

    Margaret, Boston USA
    Boston, USA

    Who Is Claire Oats?

    Claire is an Advanced Energetic Kinesiologist who has pioneered the field of Animal Kinesiology across the globe.  Claire's career with animals began as a trainer and behaviourist in Scotland, running a busy training school.  It was during these years that she began to notice the correlation between dog behaviour and that of the owners. Even at a physical level, dogs were continually observed as having the same physical imbalances as their owners.  In a bid to tap into this phenomenon, Claire began exploring Kinesiology as a way to treat both the the dog and the owner.  The results were astounding and as Claire furthered the modality by creating new protocols for working with animals, it has proved to the game changer in dealing with problem behaviours. Bowen Therapy and the Emmett technique were later added to the treatments to address physical issues.

    Claire runs two busy practices in Perth, Western Australia and treats animals all around the world via remote connection. As demand for this unique modality has picked up pace, Claire is now on a mission to teach these skills animal owners to build their capacity to increase the wellbeing of themselves and their animals.

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