What happens next ?


Great Question!

Ok well first of all.... WELCOME.

This is a super exciting community to be part of and I am so excited to be on this journey with you and your fur baby!


Very shortly you will get an email with your username and password to access our online course - Introduction to Animal Kinesiology!

You will also get an email from myself to again welcome you onboard and a link to the closed Facebook Group of other like minded people all working through to course too. This is the place for you to ask your questions, share your stories and of course animal pictures !



Who is Claire Oats? 


Claire's inspiration for what she does comes from her own journey, from an animal behaviourist and trainer to an energy medicine practitioner.  She was enthusiastic to explore the emotional relationship we have with our dogs after witnessing many occasions when dogs were mirroring the emotions held by their owners. Claire sought out Kinesiology as a way of clearing emotional issues with both dogs and their owners.  She is now a pioneer in the field of Animal Kinesiology and her work has drawn attention from behaviourists, trainers and practitioners across the globe and helps them on a daily basis with difficult cases.

Claire runs a busy clinic in Perth, Australia where she treats animals in person and also via remote connection, which is a form of distance healing.

Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery with your dog?


Our 1 year old Staffy x Ridgeback Taco had begun to show signs of aggression and anxiety around other dogs. We also noticed her back would spasm whenever she stretched which we had mentioned to our vet, but no diagnosis was given. After our first session we felt much more connected to Taco as Claire explained how we were connected and this completely resonated with me. Taco was all smiles afterwards and was calm and happy. She even went swimming for the first time! Since then we have been back 3 times, and each session just blows my mind. Taco is now much more confident in herself and calm around people and other dogs. Her back spasms also reduced significantly and no longer cause concern.


I live in the USA and therefore Claire worked on my dog using distance healing. I was flabbergasted with the detail of information Claire was able to pick up about both my dog and myself. I had suffered with anxiety for many years and had not been aware how my dog's anxiety was feeding off of mine. Both of us are doing amazingly well now and we have strengthened our connection even more. Claire was the light at the end of our dark tunnel and I will be eternally grateful.

Margaret, USA

My dog had been diagnosed with allergies, but medication was having limited affect. We were at a loss as to what to do next. We didn't even know what she was actually allergic to. Claire got to the cause of the problem during the first session and explained how a trapped spinal nerve was causing the problem. After just three treatments she was off all medication and was completely symptom free.


After working with Claire I finally understood the main cause of my dogs aggression. I had never considered that the emotion I was holding onto could have been a factor in his reactivity towards other dogs. My dog and I loved our sessions together and I immediately felt lighter and calmer. After the first session I noticed my dog's aggression had reduced by at least 50% and my husband commented on how I seemed calmer when other dogs approached. By the end of our sessions I had the dog of my dreams.


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