Animal Kinesiology

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Does your dog have issues with AGGRESSION, FEAR or problems with FOCUS?

Has training techniques alone failed to have the desired effect?

Do you feel your reactions/fears are perhaps contributing to the problem?


Animal Kinesiology sessions focus on three key things:

  1. Identifying and clearing the core issue behind the behaviour problem.
  2. Using energy medicine to stimulate neural pathways to helping new learning, repair damage to organs, meridians and chakras from long-term stress caused by the issue.
  3. Clear any emotional stress from you, the owner, that may be contributing.

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Learn more from these Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring techniques to identify areas of stress within the body.

Kinesiology combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with western medicine knowledge of anatomy. In TCM each muscle of the body relates to an organ, a meridian and an emotion. Testing muscle responses can accurately determine the balance of specific organs and body systems. See the blog link for more information.

What is Animal Kinesiology?


What type of stress are you able to pick up on?

The stress driving the behaviour can be either physical, emotional, energetic or biochemical.

Physical issues may be a problem with a muscle or an organ.  In Chinese medicine each muscle relates to an organ of the body and also specific emotions. Aggressive dogs may have a problem with their liver, as anger is the emotional symptom of an unbalanced liver.  The liver relates to the rhomboid muscles across the top of the shoulders, therefore they hay be holding tension in the front quarters.  An issue with either of these things could be causing the aggression.

Emotional issues often stem from the experience of a traumatic event. Rescue dogs often come with very little history therefore kinesiology can remove the stress being held in past memories that are affecting present behaviour. Genes affect emotion, therefore we would work with dogs who are nervous by nature to reverse the role the genes are playing in the behavioural problem. Sometimes dogs also just need help overcoming their ‘stuff’.

Energetic stresses relate to meridians and chakras. These energies play a huge role in the dogs wellbeing and behaviour. Electromagnetic stress would also be included as an energetic stress.

Biochemical stress if often related to hormonal imbalances or toxins. We would also be checking for food intolerance as contributing factors.

How can the owners emotions be contributing?

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I am sure you all know a crazy dog who has an equally crazy owner to match!

Often, as owners, we have some of our own ‘stuff’ going on.  Anxious people can often pass this anxiety onto their dogs, especially if their dog has been attacked previously, or has shown reactivity. Owners can also become so frustrated with the dog’s behaviour it creates a level of stress that prevents the dog learning a new more positive behaviour.

In order to clear the issue for the dog, we have to remove the stress surrounding the issue for the owner.

Would you like to read more? See the blog link below.

Crazy Dog….. Crazy Owner!

Can you work with my dog?

Absolutely! We can work with you and your dog in person at our clinic north of Perth, Western Australia.

Located outside Perth?

This is not a problem.  We are able to perform a kinesiology balances using simply a fur sample from your dog.  Contact us to learn more about this option.

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